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Code: Member callers and dance instructors must wholeheartedly subscribe to these established standards of relationships to accomplish the declared purpose and objectives of the Alabama Square Dance Callers Association.


1. That I have an obligation to the dancers; therefore, I shall provide information, instruction and leadership to enable and encourage the dancer to develop to his/her full potential so that he/she may derive the maximum satisfaction and pleasure from the activity.

2. That I have an obligation to the club organizations; therefore, I shall participate in the development and maintenance of a sound and respected club organization, and shall endeavor to discharge this obligation to the best of my ability and to advise them wisely and honestly.

3. That I have an obligation to the profession; therefore, I shall respect the dignity of the leaders, teachers, callers, cuers, and dance instructors as persons, and shall maintain a good reputation for personal integrity.

4. That I have an obligation to the activity as a whole; therefore, in my personal, business and social contacts, I shall be conscious of its heritage and its future, and conduct myself accordingly.

5. That I have an obligation to continue to work for professional growth, to adhere to uniform nomenclature, to learn, to lead and to contribute to the total dance movement to the maximum of my ability.

6. That I have an obligation to all associations dealing with the activity: therefore, I shall promote a spirit of cooperation between the various elements of the association.

7. I will conduct myself at dances in a responsible manner that would not shame other callers, cuers, and dance instructors in the profession. This includes:

  • (1) Making every reasonable effort to arrive at calling engagements early enough that the dance will begin on time;

  • (2) Refraining from using language in bad taste or telling jokes that may be embarrassing to the dancers, or calling under the influence of alcohol or any controlled substance (drugs); and

  • (3) Staying within the guidelines of the advertised dance program without variance

8. Except in extreme emergencies, I will honor all contracts I sign. Meaning:

(1) I will fulfill all items in the contract;

(2) I will not cancel any contract if that cancellation causes a hardship on the sponsoring group. This includes giving sufficient and adequate notice of any cancellation that may be absolutely necessary;

(3) I will not send a replacement caller unless this is first approved with the contracting group; and

(4) I will conduct my financial affairs within the square dance activity in a responsible manner. This includes paying my debts on time, or making acceptable arrangements if unable to pay on time.

9. I will only perform music which has been obtained in a manner which properly and completely compensates the artists and producers responsible for its creation. I will not enable others to use copies of my music while I still retain ownership.

I accept these obligations as a personal responsibility and solemn pledge, both in spirit and in fact, in a manner consistent with the highest standard of professional services as a member of the Alabama Square Dance Callers Association. I shall discharge these obligations and dedicate myself to that end.